About fishing sister

We started fishing sister to help people get the most out of their South Australian, land-based fishing trips.

We are everyday people that love fishing – the beauty of the ocean, the relaxation, the thrill of catching fish, and the yummy seafood dinners we create with our catch!

Fishing sister videos have a unique format to help people plan their fishing trips– not only do they show us fishing together at some of the most beautiful beaches in SA, they give detailed information about our locations. We use maps to pinpoint our exact spot, and we talk about the location’s accessibility (2WD/4WD), ease of getting onto the beach, and any facilities. This is valuable information for people of all ages, and families.

Our videos also cover which fish we are targeting and the rigs and bait we use, but not in great detail. We are not experts and like to keep our explanations simple 


Photo of fishing sister on Moore's Boat Ramp

Our logo

The fishing sister logo is based on a Bream. We chose it because it is a beautiful fish! It also has sentimental value because we both caught our first Bream at Aldinga Beach, South Australia. Aldinga Beach is also where Linda picked up a rod and discovered fishing for the first time back in 2020, and she’s been obsessed with fishing ever since!

The logo features a cartoon fish to signify that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are not experts that have all the answers, we are everyday people having a go and are always keen to learn more. The fish is pink and ‘girly’ because Linda is out front in our videos most of the time!

And the fish is smiling because fishing sister is all about having fun, and because fishing makes us happy!

About us

Meet fishing sister

Hi, we are fishing sister and we look forward to interacting with you

picture of fishing sister's winning Australian Salmon
fishing sister


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Ash & Izzy

photo of Australian Salmon caught off Back Beach, Streaky Bay
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